Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Endtables

If you have been following the Louisville love-fest that has been happening here on LDoMoE, you should be expecting this one. A bonafide kbd classic from 1979.

I had already heard Process Of Elimination (from the Bloodstains series) before I got Bold Beginnings. It, Slack by NNB and Sex Drive by The Embarrasment are the three winners on Bloodstains. I dug Process Of Elimination due to its combination of angular riffage, David Thomas meets Tickle-Me Elmo style warbling and obscuro lyrics. Good shit indeed.

The Endtables

But last week, when I finally got to hear this record in its entirety from beginning to end and when I finally got to read the lyrics, it just hit me. This is some seriously great shit. I'm talking Ubu great. Wire great. Yeah..that great.

So if you haven't heard this 7inch in its entirety, check it out. You wont regret it.

Endtables 7inch

Process of Elimination
The Defectors
They're Guilty

Special thanks has got to go to Possum Jenkins for sending me Circumcision as well as the Endtables lyric sheet and to Douglas Maxson for sharing so much valuable info on Louisville punk in general. If you haven't checked out his Louisville Punk Archive, you should. And stay tuned for a Your Food retrospective on Last Days as well!

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