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BRICKYARD - Brickyard (2010)

BRICKYARD - Brickyard
Vocalist / Guitarist Mikel Japp born in south Wales, UK, and toured with several bands through Europe.
Japp moved to the US and established as songwriter, where has penned songs for THE BABYS ('Head First'), KISS ('Creatures of the Night'), JOHN WAITE and many other rock&pop artists.

BRICKYARD was actually a Los Angeles-based band formed by Japp that has recorded a slew of songs that have never seen the light of day in cd form... until now.
The other four members of Brickyard are extremely talented seasoned musicians who knew exactly how to lay down a tight Melodic Rock album with extremely tasty guitar work and a sprinkling of keys: David Logeman, Tad Dery, Luke Thule and Michael Lamper.

Mikel sounds like the perfect blend of John Waite, Lou Gramm, Steve Overland and Thunder's vocalist Daniel Bowes.
Rockers full of energy (check "The Last Time"), awesome mid-tempos ("Look Love In The Eyes") and heartful ballads ("I Believe In Love") makes this recording worth to investigate.
Tasty Melodic Rock with an english touch, in the style of Foreigner , The Babys, Thunder, Signal, Strangeways ....

01 - Piece Of The Action
02 - Break The Ice
03 - Look Love In The Eyes
04 - White Light
05 - Baby I'm In Love Again
06 - Come Back And Hold Me
07 - Someone To Love
08 - I Believe In Love
09 - The Last Time
10 - Leave Well Enough Alone
11 - Do You Wanna Know

Mikel Japp: vocals, guitar
Michael Lamper: guitar, vocals
Tad Dery: bass, vocals
Luke Thule: keyboards, vocals
Dave Logeman: drums

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