Sunday, April 14, 2013

Released a pirated game Raven's Cry

Announced release date of a Pirate action Raven's Cry. As a portal, Destructoid goes on sale Oct. 24. This information appeared on the official site of the project, Publisher TopWare.
The game will be released on Xbox 360 and PC. A version for the nintendo is not mentioned on the site.
The main character, Christopher èkša, Raven lost his entire family in childhood (his relatives killed when they sailed to the new world). Christopher himself lost an arm in the attack (it then replaced the hook). After he grew up and became a pirate, hero decided to find those who caused deaths of his family and take revenge on them.
The game is set in the Caribbean in the seventeenth century. In addition to the expected duel between pirates there will be large-scale naval battles. The hero will be able to enjoy not only the sword and pistol, but also some kind of magic booty (for example, he can nasylat' his opponents on the Ravens).
Game Development Studio is Octane Games. The project was announced in the year 2011, but the date of his release until recently was called.
Raven's Cry is an action-adventure with a grim story, recreated the opening image of a pirate in popular culture. Unlike the usually charming but reckless pirates who disseminated in generations of pirate stories in fiction, the player to try the role of Christopher Rèjvena, fateful antihero, who became a pirate to take revenge for their dead relatives. The game is full of all kinds of dynamic battlefield and atmospheric effects that show the sinister beauty of Caribbean Islands 17 century. Raven's Cry completely dips of players in the lavishly detailed world of treachery and adventure.
Players will visit various locations from nasty pirates managed a Jamaican Port Royal Paradise to the ancient Aztec city deep in the jungle of South America soaring. Given in entertaining motion character history is divided into six chapters, each has multiple locations and their own unique missions, themes and characters. Fight bystrotecen and cruel. Hand-to-hand fight and destroy "Ruby" arcade-style combined with historical weapons and specialized skills that betray a tactical battle.
Maybe I will download this game, visit the portable video game console . Opponents
bleed and suffer, which increases the mental aspect of the game. Offering
many of the innovative and eye-catching Raven's Cry will immerse players in the
an epic story that they can really influence and never will

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