Thursday, April 18, 2013

Real Steel

A stunning hit, downloaded over 6 million times on all platforms.

Created based on the movie from Dreamworks, which starred Hugh Jackman sang, "live steel" is a game that takes place in the not-too-distant future when robots weight under a ton of converge in the ruthless illegal fights to the death.

-Present a fighter of the second World War-Risk Zone. Made of steel and brass, this robot from UK belongs to the "old school", but he is well prepared and has enough experience in the destruction of the metal.

-New tournament mode: Compete and win at all levels to unlock the exclusive "Golden Atoms" robot from the Special Edition with advanced statistics and a new look!

-Survival mode: the newest game mode in the game Real Steel! Test and prove your skills in this endless mode battle robots. How long can you survive in the ring? Test your metal in real steel sport! Immediately join the fight!

Try fighting with robots from the movie, such as Atom ("people's champion"), Zeus ("Lord of the robots"), Quad Cities ("two-headed tyrant"), Èmbuš ("warp slicer from the comics"), Single Battle ("fury of the manga), Majdas (Zlatokrovnyj killer), Metro (" Frankenstein ring "), Blektop (" robot from hell "), Sixshooter (" Sheriff Robotauna "), Blackjack (" Magnificent hand Casino "), Blûbot (" Heavyweight "color), Akvabot (" robot-diver from the depths "), Gridlok bronze robot bodybuilder», «Quirinal" AXELROD's high speed.

For optimal performance, we recommend closing other applications and restart the device after downloading is complete, and before his first boxing match.

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