Thursday, April 11, 2013

Holy Quest 2

Demon's ability in Holy Quest 2 : Spasm
(Always keep a distance and make use of holy water fast and continuously)

After successful exorcism at South Africa,
arch bishops sent a mail with red insignia on it
It always means urgent
It looks like small cattle farm in Germany is in trouble
The worker suddenly started swearing and eating live cattles
The problem is the supposed worker is eating cattles uncooked

1. Tap on screen and move around to aim
2. Bible button to start exorcism, holy water button for stopping the possessed from charging at you

# You need to exorcise in 14 days or the possessed will die of malnutrition
# You can exorcise for 4 minutes every day and you need to focus on practicing directly at the head not the body to be more effective
# If you wear out the demon to the fullest (before timer runs out) you can wear out the demon next day 50% more
# The demon might cause spasm on your legs and make you immovable, you will recover from it when exorcism is over# Your score is set as (14 - day spent)
# The developer went to church for more than 20 years from the moment he was born
# It is just a fictional game so don't be so scared :)
# Leader game enabled, see how fast you can exorcise or others!

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