Thursday, April 4, 2013

The best social games, according to Facebook

Games on social networks - were one of the most notable trends of the year, and market experts expect growth in their popularity in 2013. Facebook - the largest area, which housed social games

Yesterday, this social network has published a list of the most popular games on the resource.

At Facebook calculated that the average user of the network is in a month in at least three games, and spends half the time of doing this, which is generally dedicated website.
If you focus on the top ten best and the top, the user is most like game where you build a city, look for hidden things, to manage virtual characters life, to fight the forces of darkness and relax, forgetting in the virtual casinos. Although many of these items are in most games, the question is how interesting and famously twisted story, draw a picture and thought the mechanism of viral spread (in some games you will invite your friends to offer literally after every action, well, or at least - to report on their "successes" on the page in Facebook).

If you have never played the game or are looking for something new, top-10 will help you choose something interesting. For a couple of hours. For the holiday weekend, of course.

The most popular games on Facebook are
1. Gardens of Time (By Playdom)
2. The Sims Social (By EA)
3. Cityville (By Zynga)
4. DoubleDown Casino (by DoubleDown Interactive)
5. Indiana Jones Adventure World (By Zynga)
6. Words With Friends (By Zynga)
7. Bingo Blitz (By Buffalo Studios)
8. Empires & Allies (By Zynga)
9. Slotomania-Slot Machines (By Playtika)
10. Diamond Dash (By wooga)
Gardens of Time

Gardens of Time belongs to the genre of hidden object game. This will take you to the Company keepers of time, your only task is to defend the story, look for items that have fallen out of his time, to collect artifacts for the garden and protect the history of the evil forces. Course of the young time traveler begins in Egypt, there will need to find a straw hat, a necklace of turquoise, shark fin, ashtray, banana. After which you will be able to build anything on the site. Perhaps the secret to the success of this game is in the mix of the traditional construction of your own garden, city, etc. and find the hidden objects? The game, by the way, Russified.
The Sims Social

The Sims Social on facebook

The cult game where you control different characters, furnish homes, educate their children, to do business - in the browser version.
CityVille on facebook

Game where you build and manage your own town, to provide services to residents and get paid for it, to trade virtual goods, to cooperate with other cities, etc.
DoubleDown Casino
DoubleDown Casino on facebook

The online version of entertainment - here and slot machines, and the cards and roulette.
Indiana Jones Adventure World
Indiana Jones Adventure World on facebook

The New Adventures of Indiana Jones, more characters in the game that will follow his advice. You can become a boy or girl, to personalize your hero, and then look for treasure or artifact, overcoming various difficulties.
Words with Friends
Words with Friends on facebook

Is a word game in which you can compete with your friends. A variation on the popular game Scrabble or our erudite. The game is a leader not only Facebook, but also on devices Apple.

Game, in which randomly selected numbers, and players must fill out the corresponding numbers on their cards. The first player to fill in a card, in accordance with the rules of the draw, the winner.
Empires & Allies

Military strategy, where you will be required to strengthen their forces and unite with our neighbors to confront the dark forces. Looks like a familiar, including the Russian users, a farm, but instead of flowers and berries to build houses for the army, which then have to fight.
Slotomania - Slot Machines

This is also a slot machine, available online, with beautiful pictures.
Diamond Dash

Simple and easy to play, the rules of which are very unpretentious: you need to find which of the squares of the same color are offered nearby. If you click on them, they will disappear, and in their place new fall. And so on until the time runs out. We must act quickly, so sometimes even obvious figures difficult to find. This toy is certainly not one brightened at lunchtime office workers.

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