Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fujitsu has established a new UI touch control

Fujitsu has created a new user interface that will allow many manipulations intuitively using the finger. This will bring great advantages to igrvyh consoles like nintendo, xbox and PS. Thus, the device will allow to work with text, not entering it into a computer or any other device. Just then the Fujitsu staff plan to expand their range of application of the invention.
The new user interface is based on a complex program that manages a set of cameras and projectors. The last track the user's finger movements and carry the "physical" environment in the virtual environment by placing it in the coordinate plane. The camera is able to take into account the movement of the fingers, moving at a speed of 300 mm/s, which, according to the engineers, in the virtual space will be proportional to the real human movements.
User interface without the use of sophisticated technologies, with the exception of the supervisory process. Today the whole system allows you to move the fingers with a sheet of paper lying on a table in a text editor on your computer. KommercizaciĆ¢ project is planned for the year 2014.
Fujitsu unveils next-generation user interface for intuitive touch control using your fingers.
In its composition are publicly available cameras and projectors, as well as specialized software. Fujitsu said that managed to do without expensive equipment, while ensuring sufficient recognition accuracy of movements.
Development of user allows you to interact with the surrounding objects. This is a special coordinate system, which takes account of different shape objects that are in the cameras field of view. Recognizes complex form and the individual characteristics of the user's fingers, taking into consideration factors such as light intensity and color range.
Projectors provide the necessary controls. The user, for example, by using the fingers might select for scanning a paper document or graphics that you want to transfer to your computer and other portable game console .
According to Fujitsu, the system is able to track the movements of your fingers at a distance of 300 mm per second, which corresponds to natural movements. Commercialization development is planned for the 2014 fiscal year.

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