Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to choose a trendy wrist watch

Watch models that meet criteria such as brightness, appearance, visibility, attention-grabbing style and contrast, suggest that their owner aware of the latest fashion trends.
Watch with stylish prints in large dials, vivid and monochrome colours in sporty style, how to buy led watch is also inlaid with Swarovski crystals adorn the wrists of fashionistas.
The lead time will also be a fashion trend interpretations of vintage garments with a modern twist: the clock mounted on the pendants or bracelets, framed in metal varnished leather and lace, are considered the most stylish.
Making the choice of men's watches in the one that they like models, you should pay attention to the following points:
What are the functions of clock, which in fact will be beneficial. Why overpay for something that will never come in handy?
What is the style and color of the dial and strap watches. These details should be combined harmoniously with your everyday wardrobe. For example, grey or black watch look appropriate in any situation, can not be said about the sporting red colors or encrusted with crystals, glamorous models;
the size of the dial must match the wrist. A small clock will be out of place on the hand of man, as well as a big, heavy on the dial astenicnom wrist.
The woman, figuring out what the watch will adorn her wrist, you should pay attention to the following details:
the model must correspond to the inner world of ladies and style she preferred dressing. Sporting a bright clock on a romantic Lady in lace dress will cause dissonance;
buy ladies watches, you should be aware of: you need a universal model, suitable for all occasions, or accessory for a certain situation. For weekdays are universal size, model classic shapes and colors, using as a decorative finish or zircon crystals Swarovski.
For watches jewelry-exclusive models are ideal forms of fanciful, bright shades and colours, unusual exclusive design solutions that attract the eye.

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