Thursday, April 4, 2013

Clash - Rise of Heroes on Facebook

Found a great fleshevoy CCT on Facebook - "Clash - Rise of Heroes". The game is based on the type of comic book super heroes. But comics are not for children (as opposed to it), and the mechanics of the game is quite serious. These comics I like, so now I play with pleasure.

It all starts with the selection of two forces starting from 10. In his pack the player can only use the spell of the forces that initially chooses. In the future it will be possible to increase the number of forces to 4. I selected the "possession of arms" and water magic. Water can be treated more or less good and guaranteed to cause damage with the ability to freeze the target.

But "arms" First, I was not impressed - in many maps bet is on a random damage. But the more expensive and rare spells already quite good, there is a focus on a guaranteed massive damage.

Then create a character. You can choose the start the "body" of several options, and then a costume and decorate it. I got the following:

Clash - Rise of Heroes on Facebook

At this preparatory part is over and you can go into battle. There are several options: standard duel with a live opponent, several related missions or campaign. All four campaigns, but only the first one is free, the rest to buy.I was free campaign with great pleasure, the introduction to each level is given as a comic book, fighting very atmospheric, and fully comply with the storyline. If all the heroes are men under my command have been fascinated by another evil aunt, at this level, they disappear from my deck and appear in the deck of the enemy, etc.It goes a little like a battle to fight in Spektromansere, with the difference that the player is physically present in the field and can attack. The purpose of the battle is well known - to reduce the opponent's life to zero.

A few words about investing in the game. Fully paid are only additional campaigns. Individual cards and a booster is quite possible to purchase for in-game currency you get for winning the battle (but of course, it takes some time).

The overall impression of the game is very good. A variety of maps, beautiful graphics and a large enough space for dekbildinga. Would recommend. Knock as a friend on facebook, we will play together.

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