Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sony's game unit reorganization

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI), a branch of Sony Corporation, specializing in video games and game consoles, announced the creation of a new administrative unit Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia. The Japanese branch of the company were consolidated and the structure for the development of the Asian region as a whole.
SCEI's leadership Japan Asia has been entrusted to the Senior Vice-President Hiroshi Kawano (Hiroshi Kawano). SCE Asia President Hiroyuki ODA (Hiroyuki Oda) would take the newly-created post of Deputy President of the structural units. In addition, shuffling will occur in other positions in the management of the company.
As noted in the press release, the changes are aimed at streamlining the SCEI business, reducing costs and eliminating duplicate functions. This is especially true at the time of the preparation of the company, struggling with losses to the new generation of game consoles PlayStation and simultaneously presented a few Accessories for the psp .
For the last nine months of the year 2012 net losses declined at Sony four times and compiled a 50.87 billion yen (543 million dollars), while in the same period of the previous year, the company had a net loss of $ 201.45 billion yen.
After the merger of the unit will get a new team of managers, notes Engadget. The primary position of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan President Hiroshi Kawano (Hiroshi Kawano). The former head of the Asian side, Hiroyuki ODA (Hiroyuki Oda), will become his Deputy.
The merger is awaiting all the parts of the unit, including the accounting and marketing departments.
This step is just one of many ways the company to return to the path of success. " In recent years its power has waned, but she intends to resurface.
In the run-up to the release of the PlayStation 4 console Sony, nintendo sravniĆ¢, decided to undertake a major reorganization of its betting unit, as announced by the press-service of the Japanese manufacturer. Asian and Japanese Mission of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) merged into a single branch of SCEI Japan Asia.
To lead a new structural unit of Sony has been entrusted to the Senior Vice-President Hiroshi Kawano (Hiroshi Kawano). The former head of Asian branch, Hiroyuki ODA (Hiroyuki Oda) as Deputy Chairman of SCEI Japan Asia.
Changes aimed at cutting costs and eliminating the equivalent posts. To cope with the losses even ventured to sell Sony office buildings went under the hammer: the headquarters in New York and Tokyo.

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