Friday, January 18, 2013

The RFT Music Poll / Captain Beefheart - Ice Cream For Crow

First of all...thanks to everyone who voted for Left Arm on the RFT music poll. I appreciate the support. Part of the fun for me was just seeing if collectively we could screw the system....ha....I'll let you know if we won. Results will be posted on Wednesday in the RFT. I also want to thank all my fellow blogging partners in crime at Armagideon Time, Good Bad Music, Used Bin Forever, and Something I Learned Today for helping me out. If you ever need my help in any elaborate ridiculous scheme...please don't hesitate to ask.

To show my gratitude...Howz about a little Ice Cream For Crow?

More Left Arm / U-Men - Dig It A Hole

I will not be posting anymore info on Left Arm here on this site other than an occasional sentence or two that will link to the new Left Arm blog. This just ain't the appropriate venue in my opinion. So, if we do win the poll on Wednesday, there will be a big write-up on it there with a link to it from here.

Which of course makes me think of the U-Men. How fucking cool is this one!

Punk Zine Archive / FEAR - Beef Bologna (SNL)

Recently on the TIRC Message Board, I got some interesting news. Namely, an online archive has been released of old MRR, Flipside, Suburban Voice and Heart Attack back issues. It's a pretty amazing project. I mentioned in my Jet Lag post that I would like to see all old zines eventually archived online...the more obscure the better. But ya gotta start with the big boys and these were it. I was never much of an MRR fan but the Suburban Voice and Flipside stuff is killer. Shit, the MRR stuff is pretty killer too to be honest. Check it out here:

Rumour has it that they are looking for volunteers to help transcribe the text and make the zines searchable. In the meantime, how about some Beef Bologna?

Joe Stumble Myspace / Fibonaccis - Purple Haze

Around the same time that I started this blog, I also started a MySpace account. It languished in obscurity in cyberspace for quite a long time. I never really *got* this whole MySpace thing and to be honest with ya, I still don't get it 100 percent.

But a while back some local folks discovered me on there and my page seems to have grown exponentially since then. So if you have a MySpace site, add me. I am hoping to use MySpace as a way to announce special posts on Last Days as well as some Left Arm related shit.

C'mon...all the kids are doing it.

In honor of all this groovy social networking shit how about some Fibonnacis with the definitive version of Purple Haze:

Web Report / B-52s - Private Idaho

So I recently went to my web provider to check out my stats and I thought some of you might be interested in what I discovered. We are six months into 2007 and here are the top tunes on LDOMOE:

Mr Freeze - Dr Know 831 hits
Undercover Rokk-n-Roller - Teezar 847 hits
Bakkstage Pass - Teezar 855 hits
She Gots a Gun - Drunk Injuns 898 hits
He Was a Big Freak - Betty Davis 902 hits
Sperm Bank Baby - Black Randy and the Metrosquad 923 hits
Theme from Shaft - Black Randy and the Metrosquad 963 hits
In Time - TSOL 989 hits
Dedicated To The Press - Betty Davis 1625 hits
lastdaysofmanonearth homepage 1699 hits

My peak month was April when I had 14,830 unique visits although May was a close second with 14,374. This was a major spike up in usage from March which was around 9,000. Now here is where it gets real interesting....

The top level domains of visitors to this site are .net (11,293 hits) and .com (5,907 hits). This is to be expected. Most of us spend our time on the internet at .com and .net sites and most of us are hosted on a .com or .net server. However....

The third most regular top level domain is .cn which is China. In fact China makes up for almost as many hits as my .com visitors at 5543 hits. This completely amazed me. So I looked into my top referring pages and sure enough, my number one referring page by a landslide is . Somewhere in there is a link to Last Days.

This spike in usage in April seems to correspond with the rise in popularity of Betty Davis as well which means that I believe there are a shitload of Betty Davis fans in China visiting Last Days. All I can say, is I hope China is also somewhat responsible for the Teezar hits as well. The thought of introducing Teezar to China is truly inspiring.

So I asked my sister's husband, who is Chinese, to help me write out a big hello to China but he wouldn't help. I don't even have the language pack on my computer. So if you are in China right now, and you can read this...Rock On! How about some old school B-52's with Private Idaho?

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