Saturday, April 6, 2013

IPlay game console from Apple

As expected, iPlay game console will have very high-quality graphics, and you can manage it using any other device portable game device from Apple.
Working deck will most likely iOS 7.
The emergence of new devices, like the sales price not yet disclosed.
The first day of April, often is filled with information, the veracity of which a check is not always possible. IGN, for example, has published a video game console that represents Apple. If everything looks quite seriously, then after ten seconds it becomes clear that the iPlay is a regular draw on "April Fool's day."
First frame appears in Apple's Chief Designer Jonathan Ive, who, however, says not his voice. He talks about creating a productive and easy-to-manage appliance is a unique game console iPlay.
Further, the Word takes Johnny Madrid, product manager. According to him, the Super incredibly well suited for playing Angry Birds Rio, Space, Seasons, the Fast and the Furious. "Why play something else?" asked Madrid.
In the second half of the movie "creators" iPlay colorfully painted STB features, sound words "guest stars" — in particular, the legendary game designer "Sakamoto Jones.
To the delight of fans of Apple products, the company promises to release immediately three models iPlay — the original prefix, iPlay 5 g and iPlay 4S.
It looks like Sony and Microsoft for dark days are coming. IGN game portal is unknown by hook or by crook was able to obtain information and even video presentation
For all fans of Apple products there came the day when they have the right to proudly say we are too mogem "and victorious tapped fists. Almost like all Apple products, iPlay withdrew from the pen of the great designer Johnny Quince and designed specifically to enable people to get maximum pleasure from the best of gaming to the darker, iPlay obeys very powerfully. I'm going to the game console to buy for fun. limited to one single and unique game. Angry Birds, of course.
Video presentation by Apple game console iPlay can be watched below.

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