Sunday, April 7, 2013

AMD Radeon gaming platform provided by Sky

This development is in fact a strategy for further development of the market of video games. Radeon Sky offers users to run the game in streaming mode, as this is done, and it is very convenient for us so I'm going to buy xbox 360 accessories for best entertainment. for example, when listening to Internet radio, where not so long ago, constantly told that the meteorite fell.
Cloud platform based on proprietary Graphics Core architecture, and a Next, is able to offer a peace solution to developers and vendors of every possible variety of games services produce world-class applications and games for users of devices such as desktop solutions, tablets, Smart TVs and fablety TV.
This will allow the owners to develop AMD is not the most powerful devices enjoy resursotrebovatel′nymi games without any user interference with hardware and software part.
At the game developers Conference, Game Developers Conference (GDC), AMD unveiled its strategy in the global market of video games. In a single game of strategy Gaming Evolved AMD is the initiative launched three years ago at GDC. By developing this direction, the company introduced the AMD Radeon Graphics-based Sky cloud-based gaming platform for AMD. It is easy to guess that the new AMD platform to fight for a place under the Sun with the similar development of Nvidia-Nvidia GRID.
AMD Radeon Sky is based on AMD Graphics Core Architecture Next and offers possibilities of gameplay in streaming mode. According to the company, AMD has managed to create a flexible cloud-based gaming technology and offer a solution that allows developers of games for nintendo releasing games providers and world-class for millions of gamers who use PCS, tablets, televisions or Smart TV-enabled mobile devices. Thus, users are not the most powerful devices will be able to access the advanced games. The series will include a trio of industrial AMD Radeon graphics cards, AMD Radeon 500 Sky Sky Sky 700 and 900 AMD Radeon. The flagship model will be the Sky with 6 900 GB of GDDR5 video memory, 3584 streaming processors and memory bandwidth of 480 GB per second.

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