Sunday, April 7, 2013

Some novyedetali Playstation 4 revealed GDC

As is known, 20 February, Sony has shared far from all the features of its upcoming portable game console PlayStation 4. For example, company Corps showed no evidence of the system itself, but merely introduced a joystick and a new camera Eye. One of the most interesting features of the system is, of course, the size of the drive, especially as the PS4 will receive digital content delivery even more widespread development.
During the Conference, developers, Game Developers Conference 2013 Japanese manufacturer hinted at a hard disk volume systems, though not accurate indicators of said container. It said senior management strategy team Sony Chris Norden (Norden): "each console will be embedded in a very large hard disk.
In view of the fact that the next generation of games will not likely take less current (much more likely), and at the same time development of services is expected to deliver 4 k video (4 times than Full HD) volume drives will not be superfluous. What is meant by "Mr. Norden very large HDD. It is hoped that the volume is not less than 1 Tb.
The PS4 will add more friends than the PS3. The user can indicate not only the nickname, but their real name. The real name, you can optionally make available game mates. By default, it will be hidden.
The new console will use a hardware encoder for recording the last few minutes of gameplay. The writing process will not be advanced CPU console. Video recording can be sent in the background at Facebook or at YouTube, the user does not have to interrupt the game. In addition, the user can PS4 real-time transmit streaming video of gameplay, and watch as the other, and comment on the gameplay.
The Remote Play feature allows you to connect to the PS4 console PS Vita via local network or Internet. The screens will display flips.
The game could start before the end of the load. This was possible thanks to the new file structure, which allows developers to create a minimum set of files needed for Instant playback. This powerful console and I need a psp accessories where to buy deŇ°eve. The minimum set of files will be loaded by the system in the first place.
In addition, Sony will release a formal application for the mobile platform Android and iOS, which will allow the use of mobile devices like the Playstation, the second screen in the same way as Smart Glass in the Xbox.

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