Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Epic Battle: Ants War 2

*The most simple operation: click on hero, drag pull the hero, click on the selection and use of props.

*There are many kind insects living on the “World Tree” Planet, but the zombie Queen Ant and a demon army occupying
this planet. The ant legion is going to have a battle between the devil army with you and those various heroes led
by you, to save this beautiful planet.
*8 Continents, 16 kinds of our heroes, 20 kinds of the devil enemies, 13 items and 59 honors.
*Upgrade your hero, challenge the devil, and keep the world peaceful.
*The ant war 1 got players warm feedback, we are very happy to recommend to you the game a sequel. We'll put the ant war game more do well. Please take good advice send email to sul1980@126.COM.
*More items, new heroes and a new enemy will be in the next version debut in succession. Enjoy this crazy war feast!

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