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Organic Baby Clothes

Parents are becoming more aware today of the harm that chemicals can do to their children’s skin. This is one of the main reasons why so many are now choosing to buy organic baby clothes instead of going for the much cheaper alternatives.

But as well as this range of clothes actually helping to protect the child’s skin they are also better for those who live in developing countries. Each year around 20,000 people are dying from poisoning relating to the use of pesticides and the majority of these work in the cotton farming industry. So buying organically grown and prepared clothes will not only save lives but is also good for the planet.

What is important to note is that the skin of a child is far more porous than that of an adult. So any chemicals that are on the clothes they wear can be far more easily and readily absorbed by their bodies. So you may not realize this but the clothes your child is wearing could be doing them more harm than good.

Yet organic clothing is made from cotton, which has been grown using all natural processes, and no chemicals have been in contact with it. But just because the price of this type of clothing is higher than others do not be put off purchasing it. This type of clothing is also far more comfortable to wear and because no chemicals have been in contact with it the material is much stronger and lasts longer.

All organically grown cotton uses methods that are biologically rather than chemically based. Therefore, if at any stage the plants become infested with pests then alternative methods of treating the infestation are used. To remove the pests either other insects or organic pesticides are used and when ready for picking most organically grown cotton is picked by hand. Again this saves not only on the people working within the cotton farming industry but also on the planet as well.

When looking to buy such clothing you need to read the description labels very carefully. Good quality organic baby clothing will be made using 100% certified organic cotton only. If it is a mix of other materials as well then avoid at all costs. In order to give color to the clothes only natural inks and dyes will be used and at no stage should either bleach or formaldehyde have come into contact with the material.

As mentioned previously organic cotton is a far softer material than that grown using chemicals and is far less likely to irritate skin that is sensitive or if the child suffers from any forms of allergies. This type of cloth is ideal for those children who suffer from skin complaints or allergies such as eczema.

It is for the reasons we have shown above that many more parents are preferring to buy organic baby clothes today. Therefore if you are interested in buying such items for your child then a quick search of the internet will provide you with a list of sites that offer such clothes at pretty reasonable prices.

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by Daniel Morgan

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