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25 popular games on Facebook

Most Facebook users will have noticed how more and more people become fans of a mini-game. Why not, because Facebook has a pretty good web platform, powerful APIshnik and an array of amenities to create applications from developers. Sure, in any game play interesting. But the most fun in them is that you can play with thousands of other users of Facebook, including your closest friends. In other words, it raises the usual mini-game to a whole other level. What could be more fun than playing games, at the same time expanding your list of friends?

In this collection you will find the 25 most popular games on Facebook. If you have a dream to create their own mini-game, you have to see each of the list. So you can catch their meaning and understand what attracts thousand crowd of users of social networks.

FarmVille (Farmvil)


This is a free flash game with landscapes and cute characters. Players draw a lot of innovation and fun interface to the village (dacha) subjects. The player, along with his hero, build buildings, going to the neighbors, raise animals, and is engaged in gardening.


Word Challenge (global survey)
Word Challenge

Game from Playfish. In it, you can test yourself on vocabulary and quick thinking.

Logic mini game

Texas Holdem Poker (Texas Hold'em Poker)

This game from Zynga and it is also a very popular application on Facebook.

Texas Hold'em poker on Facebook

Cafe World (World Cafe)

This cafe is a classic restaurant on Facebook by Zynga. Here the player has to work with his friends, earning money and expanding your business.

World Cafe

Treasure Isle (Treasure Island)

If you like adventure, this game is for you! In it, you can hunt for treasures to decorate your little island, to create a character and get unusual animals.

Treasure Island

Mafia Wars (Mafia Wars)

Certainly, many well known popular game "Mafia". Here the principle is almost the the same. You can play it with your friends from Facebook.

Mafia War

Pet Ville (Petvil)

In this game, the player can create yourself a virtual pet, choose a name and furnish a house for him. Game from Zynga.


Happy Aquarium (Happy Aquarium)

This game has over 28 million players that made it so popular. The principle is that you can grow a variety of fish and decorate your virtual aquarium.

Happy Aquarium

Fish Ville (Fishvil)

Another very bright and interesting aquarium from Zynga. According to the rules of the game, you can grow many different types of fish in a virtual aquarium.


Pet Society (Society of animals)

Very interesting game where you can create one virtual pet and raise it. These animals are like people, they can go fishing, to visit or to do shopping for home.

animal society

Zoo World (World of Animals)

This game will give you a wonderful opportunity to create a zoo and watch how it will grow in the animals. In order to improve it, you will need a lot of neighbors. Thanks to them, you can get the money for the development of their zoo.

world of animals

Restaurant City (City restaurant)

Here you will need to create a character, decorate your restaurant, then run it. Your hero must cater to all visitors, feed them, do the cleaning and cooking course and learn recipes.

City restaurants

MindJolt Games

This is not just a game, but also a library that can grow forever. With it, you can have fun and spend time quietly.

mini games in a social network

Hotel City (City Hotels)

Interesting and enticing game from Playfish. It mixed the tower and restaurant biznes.Tut, increasing your level, you will get the opportunity to build additional rooms for your hotel.

City hotels

Social City (Social City)

In this game you can build not only houses, but also to increase the population. You can create a building for rest and make people happy. Can build factories and make money from the production of goods.

Social city

YoVille (Evil)

In this wonderful 2D game, Facebook users can work, play, and communicate in the world of animation. You can decorate your home or buy a pet.


Happy Island (Happy Island)

There is a player on an empty island. After receiving a hero, you have to build all of the buildings themselves. You can decorate and build the attractions to generate income.

Happy Island

Bejeweled Blitz (Blitz jewelry)

This game can be played by anyone who has a PC at hand. It is designed as a simple puzzle game. Developer Pop Cap.

precious blitz

Country Life (Country Life)

Another example of farming games. But this example is very different from Farmville. Here the player harvests for sale.

village life

Farm Town (Farmer City)

In this game the player gets points when harvesting fields. This will give an opportunity to open new products, seeds and animals.

farm town

Happy pets (Happy Animals)

In this game you have to take care of pets. Here you will treat your pet, feed it, clean and play with it as if it's real.

Happy animals

Island Paradise (Paradise Island)

The developer of the game Meteor Games. Player stranded on a desert island, where he will be given the opportunity to farm, look for treasure and meet with their neighbors, with the neighboring islands.

Paradise Island

Tiki Resort (Tiki Resort)

In this game you have the opportunity to create a thriving tourist economy, situated on a small island in the middle of the ocean.

Tiki Resort

Bumper Sticker (Bumper Stickers)

This game is designed for those who know how to use Photoshop or any other software to edit the images. You can create any image that can later become a bumper sticker placed in the application on Facebook.

bumper stickers

Bubble Island (Island of bubbles)

This addictive puzzle game created as a popular arcade. The player shoots the ball from the gun of a certain color, you have to get in line like colored balls.

Bubble Island

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