Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Solitaire City™ (Deluxe)

New - iPad Retina and iPhone 5 widescreen support! Solitaire City™ is a Universal App! Buy once and play it on all your iOS devices with enhanced high resolution graphics on iPads and incredible HD graphics on all devices that have Retina displays. Compete against player's from all around the world via Wi-Fi or cellular networks and see your name and scores in lights on real-time, daily, weekly and champions leaderboards that are automatically synchronized with a central server.

Numerous game rules offer over 65 solitaire variations:

- Klondike (12 variations)
- Spider One, Two and Four Suits
- FreeCell (7 variations)
- Double Klondike (3 variations)
- Spiderette One, Two and Four Suits
- Demon (4 variations)
- Poker Squares (4 variations)
- Pyramid (4 variations)
- Cribbage Squares (3 variations)
- Golf (4 variations)
- Casket (2 variations)
- Alternations (4 variations)
- Eliminator (3 variations)
- Yukon (3 variations)
- Tri-Peaks (2 variations)

The following games can be found under the "Fan Games" section as separate game Rules:

- La Belle Lucie
- Three Shuffles and a Draw
- Demon Fan
- Shamrocks
- Fan
- Super Flower Garden


- Universal iPhone/iPad App
- Classic Solitaire/Patience (Klondike)
- Stunning HD graphics on all Retina displays
- iPhone 5 widescreen support (no letterboxing)
- Enhanced HD graphics on iPads
- Landscape & portrait support
- Rotate the device during play to switch orientation
- Impressive graphical effects
- Timed scoring system
- Online leaderboards (play offline too)
- Statistics
- Listen to iTunes music while playing
- Fun sound effects and sound themes
- Create your own sound themes
- Enticing background graphics
- Use photos from your album or camera as a background
- Choice of detailed card designs
- Interactive training
- Unlimited undos
- Saves game position when the phone rings
- Left and right handed options
- Serious addiction


1) Each game has several rules of varying difficulty levels. Press the RULE button next to a game to open up its set of game variations.

2) Three Shuffles and a Draw, La Belle Lucie etc can be found under the "Fan Games" section as separate game Rules.

3) There is an option that can ask you to confirm if you want to end a game on the Settings screen. It's called "Confirm New/End" and if you're prone to accidentally hitting the New button during play then simply turn it on.

4) If you like to play Solitaire City in bed, then you can lock the display to either landscape or portrait, again from the Settings screen.

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