Friday, April 19, 2013

She Died Margaret Thatcher

"With great sadness, Mark and Carol Thatcher said their mother, Baroness Thatcher died after hitting this morning," said the former Premier Lord Timothy Bell, Thatcher, the first and only woman in the history of the British Prime Minister (1979-1990), was hospitalized in December. Her entourage later explained that she had a small operation to remove the education in the bladder, which was successful. However, due to the age of the 87-year-old Baroness Thatcher remained under the supervision of doctors, 28 December she was discharged from the hospital when media reported that deteriorating health prevents the former Prime Minister to appear at public events. In recent years, Thatcher was admitted to hospital several times. In 2012, she skipped the dinner in Downing Street in honour of the 60-year anniversary of the reign of Queen, attended by current and former Prime Ministers. Baroness Thatcher has not appeared at an evening in honour of its 85 anniversary two years ago, also organized by the Office of the Prime Minister.

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