Monday, April 15, 2013

Popular series will continue on Invizimals PS Vita and PS3

Invizimals series originates from the PSP and was at one time very popular thanks to the original use of augmented reality technology in gejmlpee. The creators of the game, Novarama's Studio, began working with PS Vita even before the official announcement of the console and joined the starting lineup with Project Reality Fighters. Few for Accessories for the psp to predgotovleny for better entertainment.  Not surprising that, having dealt in iron, the guys decided to go back to basics and provided two new titles from the universe Invizimals: The Alliance for PS Vita and The Lost Kingdom for PS3.
The Alliance is a classic game series where you have to hunt and collect amazing creatures living around. True to tradition, Novarama's augmented reality technology exploited and now controls unique PS Vita.
What's more, you'll be the first time in the world of Invizimals and discover what it is like to be this mysterious creature. You will be involved in the battle, solve riddles and make every effort to save the kololevstvo from destruction in Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom.
We are waiting for a completely unique experience two games with support for cross-platform passing, moving stores and content sharing between consoles. Release The Invizimals and Invizimals: Alliance: The Lost Kingdom is planned for the current year.
The first game is the Invizimals: The Alliance will enter the PS Vita and tell a new story invizimalov, which urgently needs your help in the fight against a new enemy. The game uses the touch screen, the touch panel back, rear camera, motion sensor and is still actively used for augmented reality mode search over 150 different creatures, which players will catch, develop and engage in battle.
The second project is the Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom is developed by Studio Magenta Software exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and is a familiar third-person action-adventure. The main character is a young fellow named Hiro (Hiro) who accidentally stumbled upon a magical portal that leads to a Great Kingdom (The Lost Kingdom). Hiro looks great journey through six exotic worlds where he will actively use its ability to become a successful invizimalov for solving puzzles and killing opponents tricky.
Both games will actively support cross platform interoperability, through which players can easily move their invizimalov between games. For example, no one will deny you before the network battle forward their heroes with PS Vita on PS3, and after the battle had moved back to their improved PS Vita invizimalov.
Soon fans of the series will apparently not be bored, because plans for the development of the universe simply grandiose Invizimals. badly want to play this game on my PlayStation Portable. In addition to the games is coming soon-26 serial cartoon television series, new collectible card and application that will invizimaly life not only on the PS Vita and PS3, but on mobile devices. In addition, the famous Panini launches the sale of several series of collectible stickers and cards. With so many diverse projects, new details about the Invizimals will not keep you waiting. Stay with us and you will always be up-to-date.

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