Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Home Design 3D GOLD

Check out the 3D Home Design application in the version of the "all inclusive". This package includes everything you need and don't need to buy anything extra!

Create, obustraivajte, grace, attend and share your projects!
You want to change the Interior of his house, change the colors, to reorganize the space? Plan to purchase a new home? Home Design 3D is the perfect application to design and final design of your dream home! With its revolutionary 3D real-time technologies and intuitive interface, 3D Home Design can satisfy all your requirements. With high definition graphics and textures, a greater level of detail, and light and shadow, 3D rendering your House is more beautiful than ever!
In addition, Gold version allows free use of the content is already included in the annex and those to be developed! You can easily create plans of interiors and exteriors, develop them and share projects with friends. Community Home Design 3D ( will help you share ideas and tips, and find inspiration for new construction projects!

Use the contents of the application in full from the date of purchase
Always updated app! No additional purchases are required to take advantage of new additions
Intuitive and easy to use interface
New features (copy/paste, binding, new types of exterior coverings ...)
Extreme speed 2D and 3D
The ability to drag and place pieces of furniture and other objects (doors, Windows, tables, cabinets, television sets, carpets, etc.)
More than 200 objects, and a variety of woodwork for home or garden.
Carefully worked out and unlimited personalization! All coatings and materials can be modified at will
Share your projects at the site and use the knowledge base of Community Home Design 3D!
Start a project and finish it on the iPhone to iPad using iCloud
The ability to specify the sizes of all elements of the House and furniture (walls, furniture, objects, etc.)
2 3D navigation mode (mode a subjective view and observer mode)
The ability to easily save and edit projects
No need for Internet connection
The ability to create 2D plans (wall), compatible with the Architecture of PC 3D 3.2
Russian interface
Illustrated instruction manual

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