Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daily Routine

App Store named Daily Routine the best of the iPhone Productivity category in App Store Rewind 2011 in the US.
Create daily routines and stick to them. Now with notifications, sync (iCloud & Dropbox), calendar integration, print, PDF saving, data import & export and email support.

Daily Routine keeps track of your everyday routine. Do you forget to take breaks from work? Daily Routine can remind you. Taking too many breaks? Daily Routine's handy there too. Want a pretty print-out of your average day? Easily done. Who's it for? Anyone who needs to juggle multiple tasks: freelancers, writers, stay-at-home mums, telecommuters, teachers, students and anyone else whose time is precious.

• Remind yourself what should be doing and when
• Create reminders for everyday tasks you often forget
• Enable or disable all notifications with a single tap
• Specify different alert sounds for different activities

Create & Edit routines
• One routine or many, it's up to you
• Edit your routines whenever you like
• Start simple, then get more adventurous when you're ready
• Edit times quickly with our neat 'time spiral' control

• Use iCloud or Dropbox to sync Daily Routine data between iPhone and iPad
• Setup iCloud in seconds
• Secure Dropbox authentication (Daily Routine never knows your dropbox password)

Plays well with your Calendar
• Your calendar events can appear in the Daily Routine timeline
• Create and edit calendar events directly within Daily Routine

Easy on the eye
• Dozens of colours and hundreds of icons to choose from
• Scroll through your timeline in a using our neat 'bendy' lists
• Designed specifically for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Assign routines to days
• Tap & drag the routine calendar to add routines to days
• Schedule routines for specific days of the week or month
• Create advanced schedules with date ranges and repetition
• Partial-day routines allow you to schedule activities independently

Sharing is caring
• Print directly to an AirPrint printer
• Email your routines as a PDF
• Pick and choose what data to export or import

Personal Support
• Send feedback directly to the developer via in-app feedback
• Got a suggestion? Tell us. Most new features come from user ideas
• Found a bug? Tell us and we'll investigate ASAP
• All feedback emails answered, typically within 24 hours

iCloud sync requires iOS5 (or later) and an iCloud account.
Dropbox sync requires a dropbox account.
AirPrint requires an AirPrint-compatible wireless printer

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