Monday, April 8, 2013


Abalone ® is an adaptation of the famous board game, which was sold in millions of copies all over the world!

Discover the Abalone on iOS platform, choosing a classic version of the game or comparing different types of playing fields.

The rules of the game are simple: move the line of balls, trying to push out the enemy's balls from the field. First, who will be able to oust the 6 balls, wins the game.

You are fluent in the classical version of the game tactics? And if you can overpower all the many puzzle invented by the creators of the game?

Several players on one phone: compete with your friends and compare results!

Develop new strategies and jump into the fray! Are you ready for the challenge?

Game features:
— 60 tasks at any level;
— selection of the 30 available official variants of the game;
is a multiplayer game on one phone;
-level editor: create a new task;
— access to 15 new levels every day;
is a generic version;
the game is adapted for display retinovogo iPhone 5.

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