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ISSA - Sign Of Angels (2010)

ISSA - Sign Of Angels (2010)
ISSA (Isabell Oversveen) is a 26 year old singer from Oslo, Norway, and she’s not a rookie. 
The woman has been kicking around the music scene since she was 17, working with many local bands and record studios and winning much praise and support from both the Norwegian and international music industry. 

Now she has partnered with a group of veteran musicians to put out what could be one of the best debut albums of the year. 
With songwriting help from Thomas Vikström (TALK OF THE TOWN) and Sören Kronqvist (CRASH THE SYSTEM) among others, and some killer musicians such as Peter Huss (Shining), drummer Uli Kusch (Masterplan, Helloween), keyboardist Tim Larsson (Nick Lachey), and bassist Magnus Noberg (Dionysus), Issa has managed to create a superb album which offers soaring and instantly likeable hooklines, solid guitar riffs and a crisp sound.

Her voice has a wonderful and solid dynamic range. She can sing softly and quietly, but can also generate a huge amount of power and deliver it with attitude.
From the moment album opener "Angels Crying" explodes from the speakers to the last dying notes of closer "Fallen Angel", you will be captivated. 

"Angels Crying" is a straight up in your face commercial rocker. Big chugging guitars and energetic vocals make this a fine starting point. The chorus and lyrics are so easy and catchy that the average listener will be able to sing along before the song finishes for the first time – something that is prevalent throughout. 
Massive radio hit is written all over "I'm Alive" – a solid performance and one of the most commercial songs on the album with a hit potential. 
"Give Me A Sign" starts off with a nice acoustic opening and becomes a solid soft rock track that allows Issa to demonstrate her full vocal range. 
"River Of Love" is a very upbeat and high energy track with some great lyrics, solid musicianship and terminally happy tone. 
"What Can I Do" is a lower energy song with some nice keyboard textures, but this track is built around Issa’s vocals and really shows them off. 
"Closer" is a another extemely catchy commercial melodic rock / pop tune.

"Unbelievable" starts the second half of the album strongly, opening with some nice piano work and soft gentle vocals – this one would be another commercial radio smash. 
"How Will I Know" is a much harder track with more of a progressive sound to it courtesy of some fine keyboards and a simple but crunchy guitar line. 
"Flying High" is a nicely done melodic - progressive track with a killer bass line. 
"It’s Not Me" is a moody slow rock track with solid guitars and great expressive lyrics. "Fallen Angel" finishes up the disc on a high note – lots of energy and a very good vocal mix similar to Vixen or later Girlschool releases of the ’90s.

Issa has put out a great album. 
The woman sings with enthusiasm and style, and will bring a smile to the face of even the most jaded rock fan. 
Musically solid, slickly produced, very radio-friendly, incredibly upbeat and positive without being vapid or sugary, "Sign Of Angels" is a winner. 

01 - Angels Crying
02 - I'm Alive
03 - Give Me A Sign
04 - River Of Love
05 - What Can I Do
06 - Closer
07 - Unbelievable
08 - How Will I Know
09 - As I Live And Breathe
10 - Flying High
11 - It's Not Me
12 - Falling Angel

Issa: Lead vocals
Peter Huss: guitars
Tim Larsson: keyboards
Nobby Noberg: bass
Uli Kusch: drums

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