Friday, January 18, 2013

The Offs - First Record

The Offs - First Record
In my earlier Rammelzee post I alluded to this record as another record the artist Basquiat was involved with. Unlike "Beat Bop", Basquiat's involvement with the Offs merely involved designing the cover.

If ever a record could win an award for "Most Underrated New Wave LP", it would be this one. Its weird. I bought this in 85 and still listen to it. I love it. Check out some other people's opinions on it:

The Offs' LP, however, takes the band into fake jazz and reggae pastures and sacrifices that single's directness. The journeyman grooves, punctuated by corny horn parts, do nothing to launch the lyrics over their unrealized pretensions. The album offers cool, atmospheric music, but that's the best thing one can say about it. - Trouser Press

The band obviously lost everything that made their early 7"s interesting; no swing, no groove, just boring wanna-be ska; production's much too slick, too - FLEX

So either I am missing something or they are. Sure the ska tracks have not aged well. But the funkier ones like "True Story" and "One More Shot" are cool. Lyrically, its all pretty seedy...heroin, hooking, cruising etc. A nice example of late 70's SF art wave.

You Fascinate Me
Cool Down
True Story
Why Boy
Body Hesitation
I've Got The Handle
One More Shot
Bye Bye Baby

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