Friday, January 18, 2013

The Middle Class - Live Tracks

The Middle Class were effin great. A lot of people get into the whole "they started out HC but devolved into post-punk" argument with them and thats unfortunate because all of the Middle Class recordings I have heard are BRILLIANT. And yeah...Out Of Vogue is the first hardcore record ever. No doubt.

These are some live tracks from the late 1970s. The track No Time is a Sleepers song. To check out the original Sleepers version, go here.


Cuckoos Nest - 1979
Be Contemporary
Blue Movie
Concession to the Enemy
Language of Paradise
Love is a Tool
No Time
Red Light Sexless

Hong Kong Cafe - 1979
TV Photo Life

Whiskey A Go Go - 1979
Failure of all Pop
Misery Loves Company
Taken By Force

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