Saturday, October 24, 2015


AN INTERNISTAn Internist is what you become after completing your residency in Internal Medicine. So how much would you make if you did not clinch that fellowship after your residency? You still would make enough to make your non-physician neighbour's green with envy...Here's the average yearly internist compensations in a few cities:

    New York: $170,000/-
    Los Angeles: $165,000/-
    Houston: $152,000/-
    Seattle: $155,000/-

This specialty is a general favourite with most International Medical Graduates (IMGs) , since:

1. Many programs offer the much sought H1 work visa
2. Easier to get than other specialties
3. Opens doors to exciting Fellowship opportunities
4. Good pays !

Note: Salaries mentioned here are the 50th Percentile Salaries and may apply to mid-career levels - the lower percentile salaries (for fresh physicians) may actually be lower by 30,000- 40,000 $

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