Friday, January 18, 2013

New Design! The Sleepers - 7th World

The Sleepers were a very strange band from San Francisco. Later recordings were much more experimental but this early 7 inch EP was pure punk rawk genius. There is a druggy element to this EP that cannot be denied. Its like some sort of Iggy Pop/Sci Fi/Sludge masterpiece and in my opinion was never topped by the Sleepers later stuff.

Lead singer Ricky Williams went on to join the Toiling Midgets before passing away. He was also the drummer on the first Crime 7 inch Hotwire My Heart. If you have ever heard this, you know Ricky was no drummer!

Hey the coverscan is from the ultra-kick ass Punk Rock Picture Scans. But you already knew that didn't ya? Also check out Punk Vinyl's rant Disrespect. Amen brotha...pisses me off too!

Seventh World
1. Seventh World
2. No Time
3. Flying
4. She's Fun
5. Linda

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