Friday, January 18, 2013

Live At Raul's

Live At Raul's

Another great underrated album is "Live at Rauls". The general consensus is that this album is to be avoided. Part of the reason for this is that it is unjustly compared to the later Big Boys / Dicks "Live at Rauls".
Live At Raul's

I never agreed that the Big Boys / Dicks "Live at Rauls" LP was as great as people say. Don't get me wrong...The Dicks tracks on that album are friggin amazing. The Big Boys tracks however, are lame-pseudo-new wave and not remotely as good as "Frat Cars" or "Industry Standard". In the end, the Big Boys / Dicks "Live at Rauls" is flawed.

..and so is the original "Live at Rauls". I have included the two bands I really like on "Live at Rauls", The Explosives and Terminal Mind. I have also included the tracks by The Next because many people (myself included) think that thier track "Cheap Rewards" is one of the greatest knucklehead punk songs of all time and I thought people may be curious to hear more by them.

Terminal Mind - Bridges Are For Burning
Terminal Mind - Radioactive
The Explosives - I Go Insane
The Explosives - Tommy and Toni
The Next - Teen Challenge
The Next - Real Love

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